As the result from the encounter between sanitation and innovation, XANIFICAis the line of sanitizing products with an exclusive patented molecule (silver ion) as active ingredient, recognized by the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and as a Medical Device Class 1 in EU countries.

This molecule, mixed with citric acid, ensures optimal bactericidal and virucidal capacity (EPA), causing no side effects either to the environment or to people as it is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

The product is therefore suitable for use in hospitals, care homes, residences, clinics but also schools, recreational facilities, sanitary facilities, public transports, commercial premises like hotels and restaurants, and veterinary clinics.

It can be safely used on paintings, glazed tiles, plastics, metals, glass and porcelain stoneware. For any other surface, we suggest to verify on a small section before the use.


HS's mission has always been the search for partners who are sensitive and attentive to environmental sustainability. That commitment led to the collaboration with OMPECO, Italian excellence in the waste disposal and regeneration sector which offers an advanced and patented technology through its special Converter equipment.

These special machines are able to treat solid and semi-solid materials at high temperatures (up to 151° C = 303,8° F) and, if necessary, to sterilize them using the "moist heat" method. This particular procedure allows the use of water in liquid form without the usage of pressure.
This particular procedure allows the use of water in liquid form without the usage of pressure.

You can treat a wide range of materials including manure, animal by-products, waste from commercial areas, waste produced on board, canteen waste, olive pomace, hospital waste and many others.

HS also offers the possibility of a complete Service managed independently, thus eliminating the responsibility of the Management department for the infected waste produced in the hospital.

This system has been formulated with particular attention paid to Public and Private Administrations, clinics and hospitals and to all those structures that wish to limit important investments while at the same time maintaining a high level of attention to important issues, such as the eco-friendly approach and the reduction of emissions.

In fact, thanks to this patented technology it is possible to obtain not only a reduction in disposal costs but, above all, a safe and controlled management of the waste that will leaves the hospital only after being treated and sterilized.

Estremamente sicuro

The synthetic DNA tag guarantees a very high level of security, it is indecipherable and non-replicable.


Unlike other anti-counterfeiting systems (NFC, QR Code, holograms etc.), more detectable and removable, the synthetic DNA cannot be tampered with or modified in any way, since it is totally invisible.

Totalmente invisibile

DNArt and DNCode do not alter the product in any way but become an integral part of it.