Born in 2015, Health System S.r.l. represents today a dynamic and rapidly expanding industrial reality, with a constant focus on innovation, research and development. International collaborations and partnerships of great value are at the core of Health System S.r.l., as well as consolidated links with the academic world of research.

The company developed from a synergy of skills of its founding partners Massimo Tonicello, Stefano Girardi, Mauro Boldrini and Stefano Franchin: four professionals with solid work experience and a wealth of technical knowledge ranging from the pharmaceutical area to the of well-being. They also claim a strong know-how in the bio-medical field and specialized skills in the innovative sectors of nanomaterials, communication and scientific training.

Following the numerous problems caused by the Corona virus pandemic, HS focused above all on hygiene by developing a range of products to ensure a correct sanitation, always with the utmost respect for both environment and consumers.