1. OMPECO – the Italian excellence in the field of waste disposal and regeneration. Their patented technology, Converter, is able to treat any kind of waste, obtaining sterilization or disinfection, reducing the volume by about 70- 80%, the dehydration and the weight reduction of about 50%. For more information visit

2. ARIES – spin-off of the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari, awarded StartCup 2014 for the most innovative advanced solution in the anti-counterfeiting sector, a synthetic DNA, for the protection of both the artistic heritage (DNArt) and industrial brands (DNCode). The synthetic DNA does not alter the product in any way and it guarantees a very high level of security: unlike other detectable and removable systems (NFC, QRCode, Holograms), the synthetic DNA is tamper-proof, since it is totally invisible. For more information visit

3. TECHNOALPIN – the world’s leading supplier of snowmaking systems, TechnoAlpin guarantees top-quality snow for unique snow experiences around the world. The company invests every year almost 6 million euros in R&D of new technologies in collaboration with universities, research institutes and specialized companies. For more information visit

4. EMICONTROLS – division of TechnoAlpin established in 2011, EmiControls is now the leader in dust, odors and fires protection. Through innovative nebulization turbines, EmiControls offers the best service of dust and odor abatement and fire extinguishing. The engineering process has a high priority within the company. Decades-long experience in nozzle technology and with machines, plant, and turbine construction, combined with the first-class and highly motivated team, results in quality solutions. For more information visit

5. PROJECT VENDING – Project Vending Srl is an Italian company in the automatic distribution sector. The wide experience acquired over the years and its internal electronic laboratory allows Project Vending Srl to offer the perfect solution for refrigerated / non-refrigerated vending machines, as well as a careful customization of individual requests. For more information visit

6. TICE the Italian Consortium Export is composed of Italian companies who have as their main philosophy the promotion and sale of 100% made in Italy products abroad. Started on an experimental level in 2002, TICE was officially founded in 2004 with a small number of companies who entered it. Over the years this number has grown, which has allowed TICE to create structures and links in the USA and Mexico in order to plan very interesting business concepts.

“I Taste The Italy We Love” is the sentence that the TICE consortium and its American Partners have created to explain the real Italian genuineness that – when correctly followed - has found in the market very positive results.

The main product categories for TICE marketing are:

Food & Wine
Food & Wine Production and Process Systems
Renewable Energy Process Systems
Hospitality and Restaurant decoration and design

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7. CONSORZIO SERENISSIMA non-profit consortium with the aim of building a common advantage for the associate companies through a more effective integration of commercial synergies and the optimization of the single technical, operational, administrative, managerial and financial qualities.
The Consortium contributes to the sustainable development through innovative institutional and public actions and economic and social promotion.

It promotes and coordinates scientific research and transfer of knowledge activities in science and applied research.
It cooperates directly with the Manufacturing Companies for the assembly and marketing process of environmental sanitizing systems, high-tech sanitation, tools for sterilization and human protection and medical equipment.
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8. MASTER SOLUTIONS is a dynamic and innovative reality that combines consolidated experience in design, engineering, prototyping and production of its partners through the application of different technologies.

A cohesive team of professionals able to guide you to achieve your project. Every day, Master Solutions provides customized solutions by combining advanced technologies to more traditional applications. We offer a consulting service always keeping in mind that for every request received there is always an appropriate solution. For more information visit 

8. INTERMEDIA Intermedia is the leading agency in integrated communication for health, medicine and wellness sector in Italy. It is specialized in the design and building of press offices, events, information and educational campaigns as well as publishing and television production, with content and formats specifically designed for the health sector. For more information visit