XaniAir Diffusion MINI

XaniAir Diffusion MINI​

XaniAir Diffusion MINI is an extremely compact sanitizer which, by nebulizing the sanitizing liquid XaniAir, ensures an effective sanitization of the environment, the air and surfaces in it.

The nebulization is possible thanks to micronozzles that, through a high-pressure pump (about 15 Kg/cm2) working at impulse speed, produce a fine sanitizing mist that spreads everywhere

The droplets’ size is very small, about 20 micron/m. By evaporating quickly, the droplets become part of the air humidity and they deposit over all the environment surfaces and objects, keeping an active sanitization. The process can be done even in presence of people.

XaniAir Diffusion MINI can sanitize approximately 750 m3 of air in 6 hours (about 150 m3/h) by pro-gramming cycle times and repetition of sanitization.

It can be easily moved to different areas thanks to its small size and the handle on the top.

The appliances are made entirely of stainless steel and the parts in contact with the liquid are made of AISI 316 and Teflon.

XaniAir Diffusion MINI has been tested and certified CE Medical Device Class I for the exclusive use of the sanitizing liquid XaniAir.

Power supply
100 V – 240 V 50/60 Hz
Rated power
100 W
Average consumption
up to 100 W at max power, 45 W in stand-by
Dimensions (WxHxD)
300 x 535 x 200 mm
6 kgs
With handle
Available in 12 V or 14 V
Product code
AS00050-20 / AS00056-20 / AS00057-20